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The Systems Integration Division does only one thing - we are the Best in Network solutions and Services.

To do that,  we  provide  turnkey  LAN/WAN  solutions, we specialize in the design and installation of networks running on different platforms, we use state-of- the-art  hardware  and  we  value-add  the  solutions  with  Intranet  client-server application  development,  home-page  design  for  Internet  Web Servers,  Office Automation/Groupware applications and Structured Cabling System, among others.

Our team of specialists includes engineers who can build a network from scratch and manage the entire network project up to completion and subsequently, hand-over. This specialized expertise is built through years of staff training and development.  Consequently,  we  can  boast  of  a  team  comprising  of Cisco Certified Engineers, Microsoft Certified Engineers and other OS certified Engineers.

 Our objective?  To be well equipped with high-end technical knowledge and expertise that we will be known as "The Systems Integrator", to be sought for the  best  service  amongst systems integrators,  and  to be leading the pack now and also as we expand our role into higher-end consulting services.  

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