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Company History

In today's fast paced global marketplace, all businesses must use cutting edge technology to remain competitive.  Success and dominance of  your  market requires your business to be utilizing the        state-of-art technologies.  Infotech Explorer India (P) Ltd.,  (IEIPL)  is your IT Partner which helps you to maintain the competitive edge.

IEIPL  maintains  its  competitive  advantage by associating only with premiere firms and by developing  solutions  tailored  to  client  requirements.  IEIPL  does  this by  providing  its customers solutions and services, which are current and utilizing the best of technologies available.

IEIPL  made its modest beginning in 1998 and has quickly grown in  strength  , supported by  motivated  IT professionals,  highly qualified in technology  and  management.  IEIPL   has been promoted by    Mr. V. P. Manohar , a graduate of IIT Madras and  has had more than 25 years of IT Expertise.  He has held senior positions at TCS, Tata Burroughs, Wipro and Oman Computer Services.

IEIPL  has  been  providing  Computer  Networking & System Integration services in India since 1998.  The  firm  specializes  in network Systems Integration,  Internet, Networking,  Firewall, LAN/WAN  Installation,   Servicing   and   VPN  Services.

Our Values


IEIPL is built around a firm foundation of core values, which represent who we are and what we do. These values inspire us to conduct ourselves with at most honesty and integrity. It is these values that govern our relationships with our valued clients, Governments & General Public which enable us to deliver consistent and superior solutions to our customers.  We constantly pursue  EXCELLENCE in all our areas of focus with at most fervor.


Our Philosophy


Our  philosophy is to approach all our activities with a genuine intention to put our clients   needs before our own. At IEIPL  this philosophy is more than just a business cliché. This is the very heart and core of our organization and also is the essence of our commitment to our clients. This view is also reflected  in our efforts to develop long term partnerships with our valued clients helping us to serve their evolving needs and enabling us to offer superior solutions based on latest technologies.

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